Smoking Cessation - does hypnosis work?

Lifetime smoking had given me serious breathing problems. I took four hypnosis treatments from Dr. Plumb. Each session reduced my cravings until I quit smoking several weeks later. Hypnosis works. - Joyce R., retired hairdresser, Prairie Village, KS

Smoking - does hypnotherapy work for smoking?

I took two treatments. Hypnosis went deep. I realized the problem wasn't smoking, but stress. I am using self-hypnosis now, stress is more manageable, and cigarettes aren't necessary. - Lisa H., assistant manager, Paola, KS

Smoking - I searched for stop smoking hypnotists

I sell heating and air conditioning equipment. I am 46 years old, and I have smoked since I was a teenager. Dr. Plumb gave me a treatment. I came back for two more boosters, a week apart. I have a few bad days, but I just find something else to do besides smoke. I use self-hypnosis, too. - J. H., equipment salesman, Paola, KS

Smoking - does hypnotherapy work?

I am amazed. I thought I would need several treatments, but my pack-and-a half habit has disappeared. No withdrawals at all. - Tony G., auto technician, Shawnee, KS

Smoking - hypnotherapy to quit smoking

I was smoking a pack and a half when Dr. Plumb treated me. I became a "breather" that day. At first I was angry and irritable - that lasted about three weeks. Now it gets better every day. - Liz T., cosmetologist, Overland Park, KS

Smoking - I tried to find a hypnotist

You helped me to stop smoking and it's been great. I joined the gym and I work out every day on my lunch hour. I also do two miles on the treadmill at home nightly. I feel fifteen years younger already. I have sent several people to you and they have quit also. I'm spreading the word. My doctor and my dentist are very interested in you also. I'm truly grateful for our encounter. - Larry C., operations manager, Olathe, KS

Smoking - hypnotherapy for smoking cessation

Dr. Plumb, I was at Commerce Bank today and wanted to follow up with you. I came in for help with quitting smoking. I have not had a cigarette since. It was not easy but I did it. I can truly say that I am "not a smoker" and will never be again. Every day that goes by I want to smoke less. Thank you. It has been a great experience. I must say I came in with a pessimistic attitude but left a true believer. Thank you. - Tim C., hologram printer, Lenexa, KS

Insomnia - does hypnosis work for sleep?

I took three treatments for insomnia. At first, I thought it wasn't working - then suddenly, I began sleeping. After three weeks I noticed that I could fall asleep easily, stay asleep all night, and wake up refreshed. Hypnosis is cool! - Tami V., housewife, Shawnee, KS

Addiction - medical hypnosis

Thanks Dr. Plumb for saving my life. Not only am I smoke free, I am still drug free. My life has never been the same after seeing you that first time. Like your website...nice touch. Going back to Hawaii again, this time with a new lease on life. - Ray R., systems analyst, Kansas City, MO

Addiction - self hypnosis training

Dr. Plumb, tonight I had a good friend tell me that I seemed much happier after our session and I couldn't agree with her more. The progress is dramatic, and I am a changed person. You really know what your doing and I thank you for your excellent service. I would like to come in at some point for our follow up visit that we discussed, I'm sure it couldn't hurt! My hypnotized state was something that I had to grow into. The first few days afterwards I was very quiet and removed. This continued for weeks afterward but slowly subsided leaving an inner shell of all the goals we were working for. I would like to talk in much greater detail about our visit and how I felt afterword. I will write more at some point to let you know how things are going and to discuss our future visit. - Jacob M., college student, Lawrence, KS

Public Speaking - hypnosis for phobias

My little presentation went smoothly. I guess it was not too much of a "snoozer" as our home office instructor asked me to do it again next year! I had to really talk to myself at the final moment before going in front of 85 people! The visualization and relaxation techniques were my saving grace. Thank you so much for your help! - Mary L., supervisor, State of Missouri

Weight Control - I want to take a hypnotism course

I weighed 272 pounds when I came to see you and you helped me stay on a high-protein diet. Within ninety days I had lost 51 pounds, my cholesterol had dropped from 310 to 183, blood sugar and blood pressure had become normal again. After several years I am still slim and healthy. Thank you for the little mental tricks you worked on me. I still remember the dozen sessions we spent together. You are a good man, Dr. Plumb. Thanks for your help. - Nile A., retired bank officer, Kansas City, MO

Weight Control - I worried about hypnosis cost

Thank you for helping me lose 61 pounds! I could never have stayed on my diet without you! - Christine H., store clerk, Olathe, KS

Weight Control - better than a hypnotism video

I finally put together three weeks that I consider to be successful!  Yesterday marked the third week.  I celebrated today with a fast, hilly, one and one half hour walk with my dog, GG.
Week one:  Seven days of exercise
Week two:  Six days of exercise
Week three:  Seven days of exercise
Yay!!! I hope all is well with you! (Ps.  My doctor's wife may come see you.  She is afraid of flying.) - Shelly D., Forex trader, Kansas City, MO

Motivation - you are one of the famous hypnotists

I want to thank you for the incredible improvement in my sales career during our years of working together. The number of cases I have quoted this year is three times the number I quoted last year, and I have more than doubled the number of clients I have. In addition, I have qualified for my company's Sales Success bonus every quarter this year. Dr. Plumb, you and I both know I have far to go to attain my goals. I intend to keep working with you to get onto and stay on the "success highway." I am so pleased with what we have accomplished thus far. Thank you so much. - Jim M., insurance agent, Overland Park, KS

Motivation - faster than a hypnosis cd

Thank you for taking me in as a client during your busy schedule. I believe that with your skill, knowledge, and compassion you have instilled in me the confidence, motivation and direction of my goals. I would not have won the Miss Fitness competition without you! - Debi D., professional bodybuilder, Independence, MO

Stress - what is hypnosis?

I came to you with a problem that no other doctor could cure -- I could not swallow. I think it was from stress or just all in my head. But you worked with me and took the time to cure me. Just after two visits I am doing much, much better. Thank you again, Dr. Plumb, from the bottom of my heart! - Terry T., restaurant owner, Overland Park, KS

Stress - I want to learn hypnosis

Dear Dr Plumb, I consider you a fast friend, my own guardian angel. I will go back to that place in my mind and practice everything you have taught me. I will be glowing Christmas morning with a smile from within, waiting for them to comment but knowing that it's my secret peace that even if they don't say anything I am anew, free and content. Thanks to you for making me feel like I can. And if I stumble I will draw upon the confidence that I have felt from reaching within, and I will trust in my faith. Something has changed. I choose to be free of that which has held me back, I choose to breathe the air around me, I choose to drive again. I will take the controls and turn down the noise and listen for the peace in my dreams...Thanks to you. God bless. - Jeannie G., teacher, Gardner, KS

Phobia - you are the best hypnotist in Kansas City

Last year I visited you because I have a phobia of needles. You worked with me for several sessions and then you set me free. In the past two months I have been able to have blood drawn and I survived sedation for a neurological test. I don't think I could have gone this far if I had not worked with you to face my fears. Thank you. - Pat G., insurance underwriter, Lenexa, KS

Phobia - I want to become a hypnotist

Aloha from Hawaii! We made it to Paradise just fine. I was still nervous about flying but did not panic. Of course I did want to strangle the kid behind me kicking my seat - but that's another story. Thanks again for your help. - April S., promotional coordinator, Olathe, KS

Confidence - how does hypnotherapy work?

You helped me with two sessions. I have lost five pounds, enrolled in a weight loss program and doing well. I have taken one class to help advance my skills and I am tutoring myself in math. I am learning and enjoy it. I plan to proceed with a secretary program which begins in April and I am enrolled. I am a different woman today than before I stepped in your office. My daughter has seen the difference and wants your help. Thank you, Dr. Plumb. - Maria H., housewife, Kansas City, KS

Confidence - great hypnosis scripts

My plight with uncontrollable tears is now in the past, by your gentle and effective efforts. Also I'm starting to remember my dreams once again. - Joyce L., psych nurse, Lenexa, KS