Mental Coach

  • manage your emotions because feelings are muscles too
  • direct your thoughts because you will be drawn to those images
  • inspire your soul because this is the fire that gives purpose

Health Coach

  • choose your foods because all the diets work to control nutrition, calories and portions
  • choose your activities because all exercise programs work, so get started and continue
  • choose your mind because you can learn to enjoy the slightly painful edge of hunger and effort

Writing Coach

  • learn structure and principle because character, setting, dialogue and plot are standards
  • follow the techniques of masters because they know how to dramatize conflict and suspense
  • write fast by the Expanded Synopsis Method because you need creativity and not criticism

Business Coach

  • set your goal: sort through your dreams and arrange your priorities
  • plan your work: set up short-term, mid-term and long-term markers and measurements
  • work your plan: discard distractions, manage your emotions and trust the system

Creativity Coach

  • right brain dreaming: how to turn off the critic and become a lucid dreamer
  • left brain organizing: how to capture the colors and build a container for your dreams
  • whole brain balancing: how to raise awareness of which brain is active and find the middle way