Smoking Cessation

44% of requests are from people seeking help with smoking. Hypnosis doesn't always work, but when it does, it works like magic. One-third of people get  all the help they need from a single treatment. The average client requires 1.6 treatments.

Weight Control

22.3% of requests are for weight treatment - motivation to exercise, control of appetite, increase of metabolism, and improving self image. The average client requires 4.3 treatments.

Stress Management

9.9% of requests are for stress treatment. Less than 15% of clients report complete relief after a single treatment. Many factors affect success rates, including medical and psychological factors. The average client takes 7.4 treatments.

Memory Skills Improvement

3.3% of requests are for the improvement of memory and study skills. Dr. Plumb has written a course called the Magic Memory Method, which converts letters and numbers into pictures and stories. He has used this method to memorize 3,000 verses from the Bible, and 400 poems. NAMES, FACES, DATES, NUMBERS, LANGUAGES, & FACTS are made more memorable with this course. A minimum of 6 sessions are required to master this course. Some have taken more than 30 sessions. Medical doctors, chiropractors, dentists, lawyers, politicians, language translators, sales representatives and others have used this course to learn and retain large volumes of information.

Age Regression and Past Life Therapy

3.2% of clients have requested regression, hoping to recover lost items, lost experiences, & lost memories by traveling back in time. Some have even used this therapy to visit previous lives. If your belief system allows this, regression can produce a cathartic relief of current symptoms, or it  can answer unsolved questions.

Phobia Removal

2.4% of requests are for the reduction of false fears, or phobias. Almost two-thirds of clients report immediate relief.

Motivation and Overcome Procrastination

2.7% of requests are for motivation - personal & business. Income-motivation clients may be taken on a contingency-fee basis, so that fees are paid from  increased income. Some have taken more than 100 treatments, and have become  wealthy.


3% of requests are for confidence improvement. Shyness is removed as faith  in personal skill is increased. The average client takes 2.3 treatments.

Addiction Therapy

2.3% of requests are for help with addictions. Alcohol, drugs, sex, and other addictions respond to hypnotherapy. Brain damage can limit results here, so less than 10% report long-term success. The average client takes 1.7 treatments, because many drop out.

Attention Deficit Disorder

1.7% of requests are for the improvement of mental focus. ADHD clients and others with poor attention skills may find hypnotherapy helpful. However, genetic and organic factors may limit success. The average client takes 1.2 treatments.

Pain Control and Pain Management

1.5% of requests are for pain control. Hypnosis has a long history here, from surgery to dentistry to chronic pain. Medical factors can override psychological  efforts, so careful testing is needed. Some clients report immediate relief  from pain. The average client takes 3.2 treatments.

Insomnia Treatment and Sleep Disorder

1.2% of requests are for insomnia treatment. Sleep disorders have many  causes, but the psychological ones may respond quickly to hypnotherapy. The  name of the mythical Greek god of sleep is Hypnus (we call him Sandman), so hypnosis is an enchanted sleep. Purely psychological cases of insomnia have a success rate of more than 80%. The average client takes 1.2 treatments.

General Interest in How Hypnosis Works

2.5% of requests are from people who are just curious about hypnosis. Some are studying the craft, while some are just interested in the experience of being in an altered state. Some clients have taken dozens of treatments. One woman comes in once a month for what she calls a "brain massage."