You can become a BrainChanger™

You can become a BrainChanger™

Change Your Brain

Your brain is manufacturing 250,000 new synaptic connections per hour as you move through life. These chemical connections become your permanent memories - and your personality. You can change. You can hear new things, see the world in a different perspective, speak more honestly, transform painful memories into powerful motivators, and improve your habits. YOU CAN CHANGE!

Stop the negative messages and start rebuilding the positive networks of your mind by using hypnotherapy. Hypnosis plus therapy is a quick way to rewire your brain.

* The practice of hypnosis (from the Greek "sleep") is called hypnotism.

If Your Problem is Emotional, Hypnosis Can Facilitate:

Smoking cessation, weight control or weight reduction, eating control, exercise motivation, pain control, headache relief, lower blood pressure, improve sexual function, reduce stress and tension, cure insomnia and improve sleep, enhance memory and study skills, reduce anxiety about school or business or social life, uncover hidden problems, open creative imagination, eliminate shyness and increase confidence.

Free Hypnosis Samples

Chippewa—5 minutes

If you would like to try a sample of a general hypnosis trance—with music composed and played by Dr. Plumb—please find a place where you will be comfortable for about 5 minutes. This trance has no post-hypnotic suggestion and no subconscious command so it is safe for listening and learning about hypnotism. So when you are ready to experience hypnosis . . . click the link below.

Hand Lift—7 minutes

Many people enjoy this Hand Lift Exercise. It's a good test of your skill at hypnosis. Level one through five - how will you do? Again, prepare to be comfortable for about 7 minutes. This procedure has no post-hypnotic suggestion so it is also safe for you to use for testing your ability to use hypnosis.