Chinese Face Reading - Personality Traits

This is copyrighted material that Dr. Plumb has accumulated by analyzing 500 faces of people in his office. Compare this with Chinese Face Reading, called Siang Mien. Look in the mirror and see whether you agree with the personality traits that are revealed in the features of your face. These traits indicate which of the Four Elements your face shows. Fire, Air, Water, Earth. Does your face agree with your personality?

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Eyes - Worldview

The way people look at the world is revealed by the features of their eyes. The following four eye features show levels of intimacy, openness, passiveness and accuracy.

Top eyelid - intimacy

A thick eyelid indicates that this person likes intimacy, closeness and private relationship. A thin eyelid shows a preference for detachment, objectivity and business. So while thickness is more personal, thinness is more professional.

Thick eyelid: intimacy

Thin eyelid: detachment

Bottom eyelid - openness

Look at the curve of the lower eyelid. If it is quite curved you can read this as openness and candor. A straight lower eyelid shows this person is more wary and defensive.

Curved: open

Straight: wary

Depth of eye socket - domination

Notice whether the eyeball is set deep in the socket or whether it bulges outward. Deepset eyes are common among people who are waiting, laid back and passive. Protruding eyes demonstrate a person who is reactive, ambitious and dominating.

Deepset: laid back

Protruding: reactive

Width of eyes - visual field

Look at the distance between the eyes. Eyes that are set close together show that this person is detail-oriented and concerned with accuracy, while eyes that are set far apart are expected with someone who is a trend-setter and a visionary.

Close: detail-oriented

Far: trend-setter

Eyebrows - Thinking

Eyebrow qualities reveal thinking styles including power, focus, follow-through, ideas, insomnia, people-orientation and patience.

Thickness of eyebrows - thought quantity

Thick eyebrow people have many ideas and are powerful thinkers. Thin eyebrows show fewer ideas with more focus. Thick at the beginning shows a great starter while thick at the end reveals a great finisher.

Thick eyebrow: many ideas

Thin eyebrow: fewer ideas

Thick at beginning: great starter

Thick at end: great finisher

Eyebrow hairs - idea quality

Hairs are the individual ideas of the thinking process. Here we can read conflict, scattered thinking, early maturity and insomnia.

Contradictory: given to conflict

Scattered: disconnected thinking

Root hairs: early bloomer

Across nose bridge: constant thinking, insomnia

Eyebrow shape - orientation

The curve or angle of the eyebrow lets you read the organization of thoughts. Specifically this reveals orientation toward people or ideas or conflict.

Curved: people

Straight: ideas

Angular: conflict

Eyebrow height - patience

Measure how high on the brow bone that the brow lies. High-brows are patient while low-brows are impulsive.

High brows: patient

Low brows: impulsive

Ears - Learning

Ear qualities reveal internal dialogue, learning speed and conformity.

Ear size - listening

People with large ears are listening to many things and many people. People with small ears are given to internal dialogue, listening to self.

Large ears: listening to people

Small ears: listening to self

Ear position - speed

Quick learners have highly placed ears, meaning most of the ear is above the nostrils. If most of the ear is below the noseline, this indicates a more methodical learner.

High ears: quick learner

Low ears: careful learner

Ear flare - conformity

People with ears that stick out from the sides of the head tend to be rebellious individuals, while people with ears that lie flat against the head are socially conforming participants.

Stickout ears: rebel

Close ears: conformist

Nose - Ambition

Nose qualities reveal money consciousness, work and career styles, and connections with people and family.

Nose tip - money consciousness

A large nose tip shows a schemer and planner, while a small or pointed nose tip is uninterested in money. A tip that turns down is shrewd or conniving while one that turns up is impetuous or playful.

Large nose tip: schemer and planner

Small nose tip: uninterested in money

Turned down: shrewd

Turned up: impetuous

Nostrils - spending

Money flows from the nostrils so larger nostrils spend more. Some are larger at the face which indicates spending on self. Larger toward the tip shows spending on others.

Large nostrils: spend

Small nostrils: save

Large toward face: spend on self

Large toward tip: spend on others

Nose roots - family connection

The fleshy handles of the nose forming the meat of the nostrils show the need for family connection.

Ample roots: family support

Lacking roots: family disengagement

Nose length - career

A nose that seems long from brow to tip is common among leaders who delegate well while a short nose shows a hard worker.

Long nose: leads others to work

Short nose: hard worker

Nose shape - work style

If the profile of the nose follows a straight line so that the bridge is flat from nose to tip, this indicates a person of logic. If there is a hump then you can read creativity, while if there is a depression you see a person of intuitive skill.

Straight nose: logic

Humped nose: creativity

Swayed nose: intuition

Nose padding - people

Look at the general weight of the nose. People who need people have fleshy and padded noses while loners have lean noses.

Padded nose: need people

Unpadded nose: loner

Cheeks - Leadership

Cheek qualities reveal boldness, leadership, courage and charisma.

Cheek bones - fame

Prominent cheek bones show that a person is bold while small cheek bones prefer to be private.

Prominent cheek bones: bold

Small cheek bones: private

Cheek pads - recruitment

Thick cheek pad people draw followers while light cheek pads work alone.

Heavy cheek pads: draw followers

Light cheek pads: work alone

Cheek width - courage

People who are wide from cheek to cheek are seen as confident while close set cheeks show a person who is steady.

Wide set: confident

Close set: steady

Cheek shape - boldness

Look at the overall shape of the cheeks. If they are large, read leadership. If they taper toward the chin, read passion. If they expand toward the jaws, read peacemaking. And if they are flat, read as polite.

Large cheeks: leadership

Tapering to narrow chin: passion

Expanding to wide jaws: peacemaking

Flat cheeks: polite

Jaw and Chin - Stamina and Willpower

Physical strength, aggression, survival and battle-style are revealed in the jaws and chin.

Jaw size - stamina

Large and powerful jaws demonstrate physical strength while small jaws reveal a more refined and delicate constitution.

Large jaws: physical strength

Small jaws: delicate constitution

Chin size - willpower

A large chin is found on a person who is demanding and aggressive while a small chin person is passive and compliant.

Large chin: aggression

Small chin: compliance

Chin width - survival

A broad chin can take adversity because it is physically and emotionally tough while a narrow chin is weaker and more tender-hearted.

Wide chin: tough

Narrow chin: tender

Chin shape - battles

The curve or shape of the chin reveals the battlefield that is preferred by this person. A curved or rounded chin is a person who fights in the arena of people, a straight or square chin deals with ideas, while an angular chin likes conflict and control.

Curved chin: people

Straight chin: ideas

Angular chin: control

Shape of Mouth - Expression

Expressions of fun, thoughts, emotions and decisions are broadcast to the world by the shape and size of the features of the mouth.

Mouth size - fun

A large mouth is more fun, social and talkative while a small mouth is quiet, private and sincere.

Large mouth: social

Small mouth: sincere

Upper lip - expression of thought

A thick upper lip is outspoken and direct while a thin upper lip is indirect and secretive.

Thick upper lip: outspoken

Thin upper lip: secretive

Lower lip - expression of emotion

Charmers can persuade people with their Blarney lip while reserved people speak with a thin lower lip.

Thick lower lip: persuasive

Thin lower lip: reserved

Teeth - Decisions

The history of a person's decision-making style is revealed in the teeth, starting with the present moment in the front teeth and going back in time toward the molars. Straight teeth represent good decisions, gaps are puns or jokes, big teeth are stubborn, small ones are kind, crooked teeth are conflicted and the thrust of the jaw can be short and shy or slung forward and aggressive.

Even teeth: poised

Gaps: joking

Big front teeth: stubborn

Small front teeth: selfless

Crooked teeth: conflicted

Overbite or buck teeth: shy

Underbite: aggressive

Face angles - interpretation style

Step back and look at the overall angles of the eyes and mouth. Slant angles show degrees of optimism or pessimism.

Eye angles - life view

A pessimist is a trouble-shooter with eyes that angle down at the outside corners while an optimist is a believer with eyes that angle up. This affects the way they see the world, either as a problem or as an opportunity.

Eyes angle down: pessimist in view

Eyes angle up: optimist in view

Straight and level: realist

Mouth angles - spoken philosophy

A pessimist is a trouble-shooter with a mouth that angles down at the outside corners while an optimist is a believer with a mouth that angles up. This affects the way they talk about the world, either as a problem or as an opportunity.

Mouth angles down: pessimist in conversation

Mouth angles up: optimist in conversation

Straight and level: realist in conversation

Face areas - priority

Larger areas of the face are showing which areas of experience are more important to this person, whether the areas of thinking, ambition or sensuality. These qualities are shown in the forehead, the nose and the mouth.

Forehead size - thinking

If the forehead (from the top of the nose to the natural hairline) is large, then intellectual pursuits mean more to this person. Books or other learning methods are important.

Forehead largest of three areas: intellectual

Forehead smallest of three areas: nonacademic

Nose size - ambition

If the nose area (from the bottom to the top of the nose) is large, then ambition is the strong motivator in this person's life. Business and money are important.

Nose largest of three areas: driven

Nose smallest of three areas: content

Mouth size - sensuality

If the mouth area (from the chin to the base of the nose) is large, then earthy experiences mean much to this person. Sex, athletics and physical labor are important.

Mouth largest of three areas: earthy

Mouth smallest of three areas: nonphysical