Book about hypnosis and sexual differences

Genderspin: the new compatibility test

"Male and female minds have equal but opposite sexual energy, causing them to 'spin' in opposite directions."


The GENDERSPIN test predicts compatibility of sexual minds. Dr. Plumb has given this test to more than 1200 of his hypnotherapy patients and has found information that may explain why women see more beauty in the world than men do. He demonstrates that women are more responsive in eight areas of life:

  1. I feel hopeless
  2. I feel responsible
  3. I feel afraid
  4. I feel vulnerable
  5. I feel incompetent
  6. I feel religious
  7. I feel hopeful
  8. I feel intuitive

GENDERSPIN is easy to read, even though scholars will appreciate the scientific accuracy. The 161 pages are filled with more than 50 case histories that are entertaining and humorous. There are charts, cartoons, and more than 100 footnotes. Originally published in 2000, GENDERSPIN was  revised and republished in 2010.

From Professor Plumb Publishing, GENDERSPIN is available from Dr. Plumb's office for $14.95 plus $1.00 s/h.

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ISBN: 978-1-4507-1400-6

Book about clinical depression

Mother Heard the Fairy Music

"Never doubt in the dark what you believed in the light."

This novel is a therapeutic metaphor about clinical depression. Patrick Sullivan is the hero, the grandson of Irish immigrants, growing up in a dysfunctional family in the Nebraska of the early 1900’s. His mother suffers from depression because her first two children died and her mother is a control freak. Irish fairy tales are woven into this charming story of romance, tragedy, and comedy—with tools to help depression patients and their caretakers.


"The story is well-researched . . . Plumb's characters speak naturally and ring true . . . At times moving and at other times light-hearted, this is a story that lingers long after the final page . . . Mother Heard the Fairy Music is a novel of healing and discovery, sure to capture the reader's heart." - Writer's Digest, 16th Annual International Book Awards

From Professor Plumb Publishing, MOTHER HEARD THE FAIRY MUSIC is available from Dr. Plumb's office for $19.95 plus $1.00 s/h.

To order, call Dr. Plumb's office at 913-492-5999.

ISBN: 978-1-60643-024-8